Merino wool comes from the soft, fluffy fleece of Merino sheep. It's the secret behind our socks.


What separates Merino wool from other materials?


Unbeatable Comfort: Merino wool is incredibly soft and gentle against your skin. It feels like you're wearing a cloud and is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.


Natural Temperature Control: Merino wool is a natural thermal regulator that keeps your feet warm and cozy in the winter and fresh and cool in the summer. Say goodbye to sweaty feet!


Odor Resistance (this is one of our favorite parts): Merino wool naturally fights odors, so your socks stay fresh all day (or for a few days, we don't judge). This may feel like magic the first time you experience it, but we assure you that it is all-natural.


Moisture Management: Merino wool can absorb as much as 30% of its weight in moisture while retaining its insulating capabilities. This means that you can get wet and still stay warm and comfortable (these are the socks you can step in water and not need to take off). On top of that, it possesses incredible moisture-wicking properties, essentially pulling sweat from your skin, keeping you dry even during rigorous activities.


Durability: Merino wool fibers boast remarkable strength, being 6 times stronger than cotton with the ability to endure twisting and folding up to an impressive 20,000 times without breaking. In contrast, cotton fibers typically break after just 3,200 bends.


Eco-Friendly: Merino sheep grow a fresh fleece every year, making Merino wool a theoretically infinitely renewable and sustainable resource. It's a win for both you and the planet! On top of that, Merino wool is naturally biodegradable, needing only water, dirt, and oxygen to break down.


All-Day Support: Good Socks are expertly crafted for round-the-clock comfort. Whether hiking or going about your day, our socks keep you feeling great. Our secret? It's all in the details. From the softness of our materials to the precise fit, we've perfected the art of keeping your feet happy.


Versatile Style: While we began with just one design, our commitment to style is as unwavering as our dedication to quality materials. Every pair of Good Socks is a testament to our passion for fashion. We believe that comfort should never compromise style, and that's why we strive to make not just the best-feeling socks in the world, but also the best-looking.


Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or someone with a strong appreciation for comfort, our Merino wool socks are here to elevate your sock game. Join us and discover the quality a pair of Good Socks will bring. Your feet will thank you!


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